Editing Services

Editing Services

And Other Business Writing

Business communication is an integral part of every successful venture. Conveying your message clearly and succinctly has never been more important than in this day of overused jargon and marketing-speak. Professional editing services ensure your message is on-point every time.

The professional writing and editing team at Ray Access focuses primarily on website content and blogs, but they are often called upon to assist with other business writing projects best executed by professionals — such as brochures, white papers and marketing collateral. Don’t leave important communication up to chance; get the affordable help you need to reach your customers.

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A few instances where professional writing and editing services can save you time and resources include:

  • Bios for board members
  • Brochures
  • White papers
  • Articles for magazines
  • Sensitive letters

Editing Services

Many business professionals are gifted writers and enjoy the process of writing the company blogs and website content. Kudos if that’s you. The team at Ray Access respects writers who get things done. It takes talent and hard work to envision and compose an article worthy of publication.

But every writer, amateur or professional, needs an editor. Editors make writers look good. Invested in your words, you may find it difficult to catch mistakes — and even harder to cut unnecessary verbiage that can clog up a good sentence. That’s where professional editing services can help.

Editing services from Ray Access provide excellent value

Let Ray Access edit anything and everything you have written for your business. Good editors won’t change your voice or lose your intent in the editing process. Instead, good editing:

  • Ensures proper usage
  • Tightens long sentences
  • Turns passive sentences into active messages
  • Decreases errors
  • Punches up the prose
  • Fixes wordy paragraphs
  • Strengthens your voice
  • And so much more

Low-Cost Solutions

The cost of professional editing services is minuscule compared to the loss of credibility you could endure from publishing an error or for appearing less-than-stellar in your presentation. Ray Access cuts its rates in half for its editing services. That’s a bargain that can save you more than just money.

You should never publish anything on the Internet before another set of eyes has had a chance to review it. Mark & Linda at Ray Access are professional writers and editors. They know how to improve your message, catch all any mistakes, and save your reputation.

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