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Email newsletters deliver your message directly to your customers’ — and potential customers’ — inboxes. Newsletters serve a number of purposes:

  • Reaching your employees to tell them about company changes
  • Letting your vendors know about new contract bid dates
  • Keeping your stakeholders up-to-date on company matters
  • Providing industry news to your customers to keep your name in front of them

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Because your newsletter goes out regularly, your various constituencies learn to expect them, which builds your credibility. And if you provide valuable, relevant and timely information, they may even look forward to them.

Email newsletters keep you in touch with your customers

Why Email Newsletters Work

Throughout history, businesses, governments, families and even like-minded friends kept in touch through monthly, quarterly or annual newsletters. They prove you’re reliable, and they offer a number of other benefits, not the least of which include:

  • Not everyone looks at social media, but about 3.7 billion people use email every day.
  • Newsletters are unobtrusive; people can easily opt-out of future newsletters thanks to the 2003 SPAM Act.
  • Email newsletters are not subject to web browser algorithms and changing SEO demands.
  • You can create and deliver them relatively easily. And you can track their success.
  • They are inexpensive. Ray Access charges as little as $150 to write and edit a 500-word newsletter.
  • A number of well-oiled machines exist to help you design and distribute your email newsletter. They also track open rates and click-through rates. These websites charge anywhere from $125 to $450 a month for up to 50,000 email addresses. Check with Ray Access to find the best deal.
  • Plant call-to-action buttons, sale news and even seasonal notes among the informative and entertaining news you have to offer.
  • Newsletters are a perfect medium for repackaging your monthly blog posts. Link them to your website to send your newsletter readers directly to the content that interests them.

Get your customers reading your email newsletters

What to Include in Your Newsletter

Keeping readers informed on what’s going on in your industry is a perfect use of your monthly newsletter. You know the latest news; when you share it with your target audience, they feel grateful to have “inside information.” The news may help them make decisions in the future, and they’ll remember you for it.

Other types of content to provide in your email newsletters include “how to” lists and best practices. These types of short articles do more than educate your readers; they also give your company an air of authority. That helps your audience build trust in your brand.

Get Great Newsletter Content

Trend Watch

Approximately 205.6 billion emails were sent in 2015. On average, people receive 88 emails a day. That equals:

  • More than 600 per week
  • Almost 2,500 per month
  • More than 32,000 in a year

Maybe because of these overwhelming numbers, only about 30 percent of all emails received ever get opened. And yet 60 percent of marketers rely on email newsletters for their clients. Unless you want your newsletter to end up in the trash, you have to deliver snappy headlines and relatable content. Like your website, “content is king” in newsletters too.

Turn Your Newsletter into a Marketing Machine

You need more than just good content; you need the right content for your audience. Your newsletter must have a title that intrigues your readers enough to click it open. It must have enough informative and entertaining — yes, entertaining — content to keep your recipients reading. It must have enough promotional material to remind people who you are and why you matter.

Ray Access has a proven record of success for its clients. You can get targeted content and relevant images for one price per month. If necessary, the staff at Ray Access can even design your newsletter, manage your account and send out your email newsletter every month.

Your email newsletter content is always edited

Why Ray Access

You don’t have to worry about your unsubscribe rate when Ray Access creates your newsletter. There’ll always be some, but the goal is to satisfy your existing subscribers and gain new ones. To do that, the experts at Ray Access provide full service to get your newsletter out on a consistent basis, including:

  • Generating themes and topics
  • Writing and editing content
  • Choosing blog posts to include
  • Adding photos and graphics
  • Recommending a newsletter distribution service
  • Distributing your newsletter through a third-party vendor

When your newsletter is engaging and easy to read, your audience stays subscribed. They open and read your email newsletter. Using the extensive journalistic experience of the Ray Access team means successful newsletters and engaged audiences. Try Ray Access and see for yourself!

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