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Presentations by Ray Access are informative and entertaining

The quality of your website content and business blog establish the online presence of your company. Your online content is that important. While you can’t learn everything you need to know to do it yourself, you can learn enough to get started and understand what to look for in your website content and blog posts. And you can learn in a fun, fact-filled presentation.

Linda Ray and Mark Bloom, the founders of Ray Access, have a story to tell about how the Internet is changing. Many business owners are getting lost in the shuffle. If you’ve dealt with SEO firms and all their analytics, you’re probably more confused than ever.

The Ray Access presentations are engaging and informational. Mark and Linda have built a company on a principle that quality content can improve your website’s page rank while contributing to your bottom line. They are experts in the art and science of online writing, and they bring their knowledge and experience to their presentations.

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Many Benefits

These presentations about the craft of online writing:

  • Teach the basics of writing
  • Discuss the importance of editing
  • Provide tips for publishing consistently
  • Explain the reason for and use of keywords
See Mark present Online Writing Best Practices at WordCamp Asheville in 2015

See Mark present Online Writing Best Practices at WordCamp Asheville in 2015

Many organizations and companies have entered the online world unprepared. Often, a marketing writer is thrust into the role of providing online content without proper training. In addition, the Internet has changed dramatically in recent years. If your online presence isn’t delivering on its promise, it might be time for an overhaul.

Schedule a presentation by Ray Access to learn the purpose of quality content and to teach your company or team how to follow a more effective method of writing your online content.

For Companies and Organizations

If you belong to a professional group, an association, or civic society, you often need speakers for your meetings. When you’ve exhausted all the common and popular topics, try something different that every company needs, but not many executives understand. Ray Access presents an entertaining, educational and energetic talk that can last anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on your need.

Mark and Linda enjoy describing what Ray Access does and how it can help companies large and small. But the presentation isn’t a sales pitch; it’s an instructional, interactive talk geared to deliver real takeaways.

See Mark present You've Written Your Blog; Now What? at WordCamp Asheville in 2016

See Mark present You’ve Written Your Blog; Now What? at WordCamp Asheville in 2016

Hire Ray Access for Your Next Meeting

Based in Asheville, NC, Ray Access can travel to your location if you’re within a 150-mile radius. Linda and Mark are passionate not only about what they do, but also the state of online communication. Presentations accomplish two important goals:

  1. Educate the business world and the general public about online content
  2. Allow the founders of the company to give back to the community

Ray Access is currently scheduling dates for presentations. If your organization wants to learn more about the mechanics and tricks of writing for the online world, contact Ray Access to schedule a presentation today. Read more about Ray Access presentations, including links to more recorded presentations.

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