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“We make content delays disappear.”

—Mark Bloom,
Ray Access

Ray Access provides engaging content for your clients that is guaranteed original, thoroughly researched and professionally edited. The writers at Ray Access provide:

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Ray Access delivers targeted content to you for your clients. We can work through your company as a subcontractor hidden from your clients or directly with your clients through a referral.

Advantages of Ray Access

“Thank you! The quality of the articles that you delivered in the past are perfect.”

—Mikhail Guralnik, NY Medical Marketing

Ray Access has writers and editors, so everything they deliver has been proofed, purged and perfected. Only humans can understand the nuances of the English language. Ray Access relies on human editors and multiple passes. Discover all the benefits that Ray Access delivers:

  • A free revision comes with every piece of original content.
  • The Ray Access writers and editors have never missed a deadline.
  • Writers work with you to refine the tone, language and style of the content for each of your clients. Ray Access’ writing is never “one style fits all.”
  • Ray Access can generate keywords for your client’s content or use keywords you provide.
  • Prices remain the same whether working through your company or directly with your clients. At the same time, you have the freedom to add project management fees.
  • Ray Access can brainstorm topic ideas for blog posts or use your or your client’s ideas.

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Outstanding Range

The Ray Access writers are generalists. That means they can write about any topic they can research, from technical applications to medical issues and current events. See our Portfolio page. No matter what industry your clients operate within, Ray Access can craft effective, original content for them. A sampling of past and present clients includes these specialties:

“Thanks so much for talking with John and me on Monday! We’re really excited to you have you working on this with us.”

—Betsy Carr, integritive, inc.

  • Executive recruiting
  • Web design/development
  • Business branding/marketing
  • Sports medicine
  • Yoga teacher training
  • Event supply rentals
  • Dentistry
  • Addiction recovery
  • Green cleaning
  • Disabled services

Whatever your needs or your clients’ needs, no matter how big or how small, every website requires content that connects with its intended audience. Find out how Ray Access can make you look great to your clients. Don’t delay the website launch because you’re waiting on content. Ray Access eliminates content delays. Contact us to learn how Ray Access can help your agency.

Agencies that design websites need Ray Access

Content Services for Agencies

As an agency, you and your clients need original content. A website is not complete (or functional) without effective content. Content elucidates the meaning of the pictures and graphics. Content clarifies the intentions of each page and directs readers to take action. It’s the content that drives readers to stay on your site once they are drawn in by the spectacular layout.

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An online marketing campaign needs persuasive content. All Internet services and website development rely on original content for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Search engine placement
  • Calls to action
  • Landing page conversions
  • Descriptions of products or services
“Thanks again for everything … We’ll definitely keep your contact info on file for future content needs.”

—John Williamson, Search Solutions, LLC

Website content needs to build trust with visitors while planting seeds for future sales. A business blog is a marketing tool perfectly suited to attract visitors to your website. Press releases share real news with the surrounding community. Website assessments detail the strengths and weaknesses of an existing website.

Ray Access services are affordable and professional

Affordable Pricing

Ray Access charges a variable pricing for original content:

  • Website pages range from $75 to $400, depending on the length and number of pages you need.
  • Blog posts are available for as low as $100.
  • Blog packages provide weekly posts for $499 a month and include guaranteed long-form articles.
  • Newsletters and press releases start at $150.

For our current rates, tell us about your project or clients’ needs. If you sign a 12-month contract for blog posts for your client, you’ll lock in your price for the year. Ask about our discounts and package deals.

To make your content delays disappear, talk to the experts at Ray Access. Do it today so your clients get great results from their new website. It could be the start of a great new partnership.

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