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Web content writing drives sales. If you ignore your website, your website ignores you. Find more customers with the Ray Access web content writers.

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What If Someone Actually Read Your Website?

Statistics prove that business websites need fresh content — posted consistently — to get noticed online. Ray Access provides online content writing that's thoroughly researched, professionally edited and guaranteed original. You get professional results for affordable rates — content that far surpasses the quality from an overseas blog writer for a rate that's far below the swollen urban U.S. web content writing prices.

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Ray Access writes web content

Ray Access Delivers Consistent Quality

A Reliable, Proven Return on Your Investment

Better Than Doing It Yourself

Business websites should attract a crowd. Updating the website design isn't enough. Hiring an SEO firm isn't enough. You need fresh content that connects with visitors. If you let your clients write their own content or if you decide to do the blog writing and content writing yourself, it takes time away from other duties — and the results may not be worth that time.

Ray Access content spurred a "121% increase in organic traffic for an artist in just four months that resulted in a 275% increase in monthly sales over a six-month time period."
An e-commerce client enjoyed a "111% increase in organic traffic in six months that led to an amazing 430% increase in monthly sales after 11 months."

—Jeremy Ashburn, PushLeads.com

At Ray Access, journalists working as web content writers know what your visitors are looking for. Market research, keyword research and competitive analysis make the difference. Ray Access content writers deliver new ideas every month for blog posts that target your market. When you rely on professional website content writers to boost your website traffic, you have the time to do what you do best: run your business.

The Quality You Need

Web content writing services for business require the creative juices of a marketing writer and the analytical talents of a reporter. A great content writer is both an artist and a scientist. You need website content that real people want to read. You want blog posts that attract attention.

And you want the search engines like Google to rank your website high — preferably on page one. Online writing is a special form of business writing that takes knowledge, expertise and skill — qualities that the website content writers and editors at Ray Access possess in abundance.

Benefits of Professional Content Writing Services

"Ray Access... optimized our website content to make it more Google-friendly. They were very professional, prompt and affordable."

—Sean Ross, WNC Roofing, LLC

Your website has to build trust with your target market to drive revenue for your business. Ray Access provides web content services that adhere to your values, mission and goals, while reproducing your company's style, voice and language. Website content writing services include:

  • Website assessments that reveal exactly how you can improve your user experience (UX)
  • Web content writing that holds readers' attention — and the longer they stay on a website, the more likely that they'll buy
  • The best business blog posts that are entertaining, informative, shareable and ready to post
  • Media communications from a former reporter, a press release writer who knows what the media wants
  • Insightful, consistent, on-time content written by professional blog writers and former journalists

In Ray Access, you've found website content writers and blog writers for hire who research your business and industry before writing anything. You get ghostwriters who prefer to give you the credit. Once you've paid for the best article writing service, the content is yours to do with as you please:

  • Put your own name on it
  • Repost it to social media to create a buzz
  • Use phrases in advertising copy
  • Tweet sharp, focused phrases that attract attention
  • Send out to newspapers, magazines or journals
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Exceptional online writing services by Ray Access

Exceptional Online Writing

The partnership behind Ray Access — Linda Ray and Mark H. Bloom, an award-winning journalist and an experienced editor — capture your company's personality with informative, professional and engaging online writing that reaches your intended audience. To offer high-quality online content writing services, they:

  • Research your competition and authoritative sources
  • Provide content writers for new websites
  • Write for your existing website template
  • Offer online editing services for existing or newly written content
  • Create topical blog posts that people want to share
  • Develop topics for your blog that fit your audience
  • Craft stories that draw in readers
  • Provide quality long-form articles that search engines reward with higher rankings

"Ray Access came through for me. We met once so I could explain my business, and then they rewrote my entire website. They really got it... I'm impressed with the quality of their work and the clarity of their communication. I highly recommend them."

—Derrik Snider, IMDS DATA

The Internet is a level playing field. With exceptional content, small businesses can have as much visibility as big businesses. Ray Access gives you a voice that rings out online, attracting visitors and then converting those visitors into customers. Contact the blog writers at Ray Access to find out how your website can begin its climb to the top of the search rankings.

Two For One

To maintain the highest level of quality, every piece of writing that Ray Access delivers — every web page, blog post, newsletter article and SEO press release; every paragraph, sentence and word — is vetted thoroughly by both a fastidious writer and a professional editor. Perfecting this web-based craft since 2010, Ray Access can respond quickly to changing web content writing trends. You get two professionals for the price of one.

That's a value proposition you'll find nowhere else. The Ray Access web content writers and blog writers can write on any topic they can research. The Portfolio page shows samples of some of the exceptional web content writing and blog writing provided to a range of clients. Past and present clients include:

"High-quality web content that's useful, usable, and enjoyable is one of the greatest competitive advantages you can create for yourself online."

—Kristina Halvorson,
Content Strategy for the Web
  • Website developers, designers and marketers
  • Executive recruiting agencies
  • Mortgage lending and real estate offices
  • Medical practices (e.g., sports medicine, dentistry, many specialties)
  • Certified public accountants and financial planners
  • Vacation facilities and bed-and-breakfasts
  • Retail businesses (e.g., home furnishings, sports cards collectables)
  • Manufacturers (e.g., precision machining, a yoga prop manufacturer)
  • Plumbers and craft businesses
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Ray Access knows content marketing

Content Marketing That Really Works

In some cases, clients who rely on content marketing see immediate results that lead directly to an increase in business. One Ray Access client actually complained that the surge in business caused short-term losses because they weren't prepared for it. They had to pay their staff overtime to cover all the new business. They soon caught up, and they've been going strong ever since. The same can happen for your business or your clients' businesses.

"We hired Ray Access to write new original content for all the pages of our website. They were very affordable, easy to work with, and have done an outstanding job... I would highly recommend Ray Access to all busy business owners who want great content, but don't have the time to do it themselves!"

—Diane Holmes, 1-800 Water Damage, Asheville

In some competitive industries, though, it can take six months or longer to start seeing increased organic traffic to your website. But it always works. Content marketing lays the foundation that continues to deliver benefits month after month, year after year. Consistently useful content is what draws visitors to your website and persuades them to buy your products or services.

Price Always Matters

When you need online content, you have choices. With other writers or agencies, you can pay:

  • As little as $5 for a blog writer operating out of Southeast Asia or Latin America
  • As much as $500 for a 500-word blog post from a solo freelance writer with credentials
  • Up to $2,500 for a 1,000-word landing page that most likely hasn't been edited by a professional online editing service

Ray Access web content writers deliver consistently effective articles and pages for you for a fair price. When you need something more valuable than a five-dollar attempt, but can't afford $2,500, you'll find Ray Access offers rates at an affordable happy medium that ranges as low as $100 for a 500-word blog post and $250 for a 1,000-word landing page.

The Ray Access Added Value

When you hire Ray Access, you get content that's top-quality — as good as you can get anywhere, no matter how much you pay. For very affordable rates, you get:

  • Thorough research that uses authenticated sources
  • Professional editing to ensure readability
  • Guaranteed original content that's yours to use however you want
  • Integrated keywords that flow seamlessly into the content
  • SEO-friendly content that works to improve your website rank
  • Cross-linking that ties all your pages together
  • Project management so you can focus on what you do best

The online web content writers at Ray Access can work directly with in-house marketing executives, small business owners, full-service marketing agencies and website development companies. Flexible and nimble, the blog writers and website content analysis pros at Ray Access can turn around a breaking news press release or a blog post in as little as 24 hours when necessary. The journalists at Ray Access can develop your online content marketing plan months in advance, with a great respect for deadlines.

"93% of consumers start their search online. 75% never look at the second page of listings."

Search Engine Journal

There's no better time to turn your website into a marketing machine. Let your website work for you by taking advantage of the online push for unique content. Jump to the top of the search engine rankings with fresh content. Rely on experts to deliver the long-form content you need to attract the best rankings. And as Mark always says: "If you're ignoring your website, it's likely ignoring you."

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