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Businesses Look to Web Developers for Advice

Your clients spend thousands of dollars to design and develop an attractive, effective website. They spend hundreds more a month on search engine optimization. Commissioning a website from scratch — or even a website redesign — can be a significant capital investment. And it’s especially true for small businesses. That’s why they need a blog.

Your clients need a blog for traffic

So it’s vital that businesses get it right. Design, functionality and content all play important roles in how effective a website is at engaging visitors. And the website needs to show up in searches to draw traffic. That’s SEO’s job — and while fresh content doesn’t replace SEO, it does make SEO work better. Adding blog posts on a regular basis engages your audience and brings more people to your website. That’s also why they need a blog.

Business Websites Need a Blog

By adding a blog to their websites, your clients actually accomplish two things:

  1. Builds depth and breadth to their website, which gives visitors even more useful information about the company, industry, products and services.
  2. Provides more keywords for search engines to find, which allows them to point more (and different) searches back to the website, potentially capturing more traffic.

A website by itself can only do so much. There’s the landing page (or Home page) and the About page. There are pages for each product or service, as well as pages for related information. But the website you build for your client can’t cover every conceivable way their products or services are better. It can’t deliver every possible benefit the company offers. That’s why your clients need a blog.

It’s Up to You

As the internet expert for your clients, it’s up to you to advise them how to get the best results from their new websites. You may offer SEO services or recommend agencies that offer it. In this competitive era, SEO is a required service for businesses that want to gain attention by ranking high in searches.

And that’s the same reason to recommend to your clients that they need a blog. Blogs reach out to their customers to offer information and tips, not deals and promotions. That’s advertising. The saying “an educated consumer is the best consumer” holds true online, too. Blogs fill that niche.

How Blogs Work

The reason your clients need a blog is to indirectly capture related keywords and topics that don’t currently exist on their websites. Blogs increase the variety of keywords and topics their websites cover, and that can be as broad as they want. Let’s say the business is located in Asheville, NC. If the website features a blog post about the fun things to do in Asheville or the benefits of working in Asheville, that post may find an audience beyond the narrow target market.

That one blog post may make the website more popular, bringing more people to the website. Once there, visitors may look around to see what else the website has to offer. It’s a benefit to the business and to the visitor, if the interests align.

Value Above and Beyond an Online Storefront

Not all business websites directly sell products online. Some websites are marketing tools geared to get visitors to contact the company, either through a phone call, an email or a contact form. That’s the beginning of a relationship that may end in a sale. That’s the ultimate purpose of a website.

If your clients’ websites aren’t working for their businesses, they’ve just wasted a bunch of money. If they’re not happy with their website, they won’t be very likely to use your agency again or recommend you to others. If you recommend that they need a blog, they’ll benefit from the exposure and you’ll benefit from their success.

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