What’s Your Mission Statement for Business?

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Decoding Your Life’s Passion into One Sentence

It may seem strange to discuss the fire of your life’s passion with the clinical rationality of a mission statement for business. As if the burning core of your soul could be summarized by a line in your company fact sheet. And yet that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen when you develop your mission statement.

Your mission statement for business should be your passion

A mission statement for business isn’t about dollars and cents. It’s not about operating strategies, marketing techniques or product development. If you’re a small business owner, your business must derive from your passion, or you’re just punching a clock. Starting and running a business is too dang hard not to have skin in the game — in other words, your business has to make your passion come alive.

Finding Your Passion

Before you can start, of course, you’ve got to know what your passion is. Many know what they’re passionate about already. It can be big, but it doesn’t have to be. It might be:

  • The environment
  • Education
  • Perfectly manicured lawns
  • People using turn signals
  • Urban green spaces

You could develop a business that encompassed each of those passions. For education, for example, it could be starting a charter school, designing better classrooms or publishing new textbooks. And that only scratches the surface of possibilities. So, ask yourself: What’s my passion?

Putting Your Passion to Work

Once you’ve identified your passion, you can evaluate how it fits into your work. Your passion should form the basis for your mission statement for business. It’s what’s supposed to drive your business. It’s what gets you up in the morning. As Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.” In our words, “Work your passion.”

In real terms, that means putting your passion into your mission statement. The mission of your business should align with what drives you. If you can accomplish that, your business will thrive because you’re doing what you love.

The Mission Statement for Business That Drives Us

For Ray Access, communication is a passion, but not only written communication — although that’s certainly our little piece of it. But our passion is bigger than that. We want nothing less than to educate the world to be aware (and be wary) of media. We want people to recognize and appreciate content — and be able to recognize when it says nothing.

The principals of Ray Access visit many websites every day in the course of their work, and they see many that offer nothing — absolutely nothing — of value. When a website doesn’t work, nobody wins. Visitors don’t find the information they’re after, and the business loses a sale. So, that’s become the Ray Access mission statement for business:

“To help companies succeed online while educating business leaders about the value and purpose of well-crafted content. It’s not enough for you to say something; you have to say something meaningful. Your message must be worth your customers’ time and attention.”

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