Website Assessments

Website Assessments

A Review of Your Website from a Visitor’s Point of View

A website assessment by Ray Access is a thorough review of your current website. It’s the best way for you to know:

  • How effective your website is, based on the website content, graphics and overall structure
  • What elements within the site work well
  • Which areas or pages could use improvement
  • Whether a page, contact information or answers to common questions is missing

Ray Access takes extensive notes for a website assessment

The experts at Ray Access review your website to generate a page-by-page report that examines every element on your website from a human point of view. A website assessment can tell you, in clear and specific language:

  • Whether your website content can attract traffic
  • Whether your website content can convert visitors into customers

This is a no-obligation report to use on your own, if you wish. It provides a roadmap for a website professional to improve your website. Ray Access does offer website content writing services and blog writing services to solve your website issues.

Beyond Google Analytics

“Thank you for your great feedback and comments on our website. I found them extremely useful. We’re having a team meeting on Monday to discuss how we can implement some of your ideas.”

—Murphy Funkhauser Capps,
Kudzu Branding

Ray Access examines your website content because they are content experts. But they also review the navigation of your site, as well as the placement and functionality of the graphical elements on your site.

Everything on your website should contribute to its purpose. Everything on your site should make it easy for visitors to learn what you do and buy what you’re selling. There should be no obstacles.

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Ray Access experts have visited thousands of websites; they know what works and what doesn’t. Your website and blog should work together to attract and convert visitors. Your website should be making you money, not costing you money. If it’s not, you need to know what to fix so that it does work, and that’s where Ray Access’ website assessments can help.

Keep your website; just upgrade the content with Ray Access

Don’t Replace Your Website

“Ray Access… came up with a list of improvements and a menu of options so I could make some or all of them… I look forward to using Ray Access on a regular basis as I grow the operation.”

—Craig Melby, LeaseSmart

Websites need to be updated from time to time. If you haven’t upgraded your website in the past three years, consider a new design and new content. Otherwise, your visitors will see an old design and may think your company isn’t leading your industry.

However, if your website has a new design, but it’s not generating income, you may not need to scrap the whole thing to start over. A website assessment can tell you exactly what changes you need to make to deliver results. A website assessment can pay for itself in short order.

It’s very affordable to let Ray Access review your site:

  • $150 for websites up to 10 pages
  • $250 for websites of 10–25 pages
  • $350 for websites of more than 25 pages

Schedule a meeting (virtual or in-person) with Mark & Linda to assess your website. Do it today. In business, you have to know where you are before you can move forward. Let the experts review your website content, graphics and navigation before you spend any more money on your site.

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