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And Why Current Events Should Matter to You

One of the most common — and most effective — ways to get consistent hits on your blog is to tie some of your topics to current events. When people are searching the web for information about a plane crash, an epidemic or a recent celebrity wedding, there’s a good chance that your newly posted, well-written blog may come up in the search. And after all, your blog should be attracting new visitors to your website.

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Stay on Top of the News

To begin, you’ve got to stay tuned to the news of the day. You can’t expect to keep up-to-date on current events if you’re not a regular news reader. And that means all sections of the news cycle, from entertainment to world news, local happenings and celebrity gossip.

Get in the habit of scanning the headlines of a thorough daily news website that covers all the main topics of the day. Watch for a tie-in to your industry or geographic area. Then write a blog post that either answers questions that were raised or mentions your area of expertise.

Use Newsworthy Keywords

To get a search engine’s attention, you need to incorporate keywords that people may be searching for. If you’re writing about food poisoning to tie in with the latest cruise line outbreak, for example, include keywords such as “cruise line outbreak,” or “food poisoning on cruises.” If you’re blogging about allergies, tie into the spring allergy reports in the news with slogans commonly used.

If your tie-in is local, make sure to include the area as it’s referred to in the news. For example, a landslide in Western North Carolina may effect your area of Asheville, but the news keeps referring to the “WNC landslide.” Be sure to include the words “WNC landslide,” even if your blog is about how to prevent mold after flooding in the city of Asheville.

Write and Post Quickly

Just as quickly as news occurs and is reported, the media is on to the next big disaster or celebrity misbehavior. When you’re tapping into current events for your blog topics, make sure they really are timely. Attaching your name to the fires in California won’t be as effective a week after they’ve been extinguished. Nor will your blog post about how to communicate in a marriage hold as much search engine strength a month after a big celebrity divorce as it might when the famous couple first has a shouting match in public.

When you see news that you could tie into your own business, write the blog post that same day or contact Ray Access to quickly knock out a relevant article that provides unique content with a current event twist. Post it within 24 hours of the news reporting cycle to get the most from the tie-in.

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