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Remember: Blog Posts Are Not Advertisements

Ads are ads, and blogs are blogs. Timely blog posts aren’t press releases, nor are they detailed white papers. Blogs represent an entity all to themselves, and they really deserve the respect and credit that other forms of communication receive.

In fact, blogs truly provide one of the best ways to reach your clients without slamming them with special offers, sales or promotions. Most people will, after all, just block you if all you send is advertisements for your goods and services. Customers want to feel appreciated and they want to believe that you really do care about their welfare and their happiness. People do business with companies they like.

Timely Blog Posts Add Value

When you create timely blog posts tagged with seasonal sentiments and useful tips, readers flock to your blog to get in on the latest trend or fashionable gift. Timely blog posts tie into local, regional, national and international news, politics, entertainment and sports. Timely blog posts have very little trouble finding keywords because they are the embodiment of current searches.

timely blog posts help at Christmas

“Trump This Holiday Treat” and “Sexual Harassment Not Invited to this Holiday Soiree” are headlines that draw tons of attention in December 2017. Timely blog posts for the holiday season are easiest of all and might include:

  • Top 10 Fitness Gifts in 2017
  • Best Gifts for College Kids
  • How to Throw a Holiday Party on a Budget
  • How to Avoid Party Germs
  • Tips for Glamming Up Your Holiday Wardrobe

Make It Fit

If you don’t sell any of the above items or work in any of those fields, no problem. Your blog is not about you — it’s about your readers. And if these are the kinds of topics that interest them today, then those are the kinds of topics you need to be writing about. Then, after reading your oh-so-informative tip list, readers are more likely to click on your sidebar that just happens to lead to your homepage and your latest deals.

Make your blog fun, quirky, or full of must-have information to get readers through the season. and they’ll oblige by checking out your links. Blogs are not meant to tout your deals and espouse your greatness. They’re meant to hold the reader’s attention, give them something for nothing and even lure them into reposting your article or sending it to their email list.

Place a link in the body of your blog to generate traffic to preferred website pages. Links should be unobtrusive and work seamlessly with your whole timely blog focus. Your readers will thank you for not hitting them with deals in every paragraph or pictures of your products on every line.

Just Be Considerate

Timely blog posts are considerate and, well, timely. They are articles designed to add more information to a current conversation, give your readers helpful information that they can really use or provide tips on topics that are on everybody’s mind at the time.

And don’t lure in readers with headlines that promise timely blog posts unless you can deliver on the promise. Nothing feels worse than being tricked. No one likes to be the butt of a marketing joke. Give readers what they expect, and they’ll come back for more of your great timely blog posts.

And if you have any trouble thinking of timely blog topics, by now you know whom to call.

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